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    Dakle, kao što ste možda već primijetili sve više i više developera stavlja svoja uskršnja jaja u svoje igre (to je zvučalo neprikladno ) te svakakve reference na događaje te stvari iz "in real life".

    Ova tema upravo za to i služi! Podijelite snama svoje fun fact-ove o igrama, nađene Easter Eggs-ove, glitch-eve itd. ma koliko god oni stari bili.

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    Uhh... dobar timing. Eto upravo sam saznao da:

    "U siječnju 1999., EA je morao povuči Tiger Woods PGA Tour 99 sa tržišta nakon što je jedan od radnika ubacio South Park short "Jesus vs Santa" na game diskove."


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      Definitivno jedan od dražih


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        Predobro nešto.


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          Meni je mozda najvece iznenadjenje u gamingu opcenito bio obrnuti dvorac iz Castelvanie....


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            Našao ovo neki dan. Make it happen Naughty Dog.


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              Wesker's Desk (Resident Evil 2, PlayStation)

              We can't pinpoint how long it took gamers to find this one, and we're kind of hoping it took a really, really long time.

              Every item you can pick up in Resident Evil 2, or any RE game for that matter, has only three possible outcomes: If you're lucky it's useful, if you're unlucky it wastes your time telling you it isn't, and if you're really unlucky it's a file. Anyone who'd examine a desk even twice only did it by accident.

              So imagine how somebody discovered this bit of insanity: You can find the secret of Wesker's desk only by searching said desk 50 times. The first 49 times you get a message telling you nothing is there. But if you persist, and persist, long past the point any reasonable person would, you find the Easter egg. It's a small reward considering at that point of dedication, the game counts as your occupation, a chunk of your personality and a fairly serious mental problem. Your reward (well after you take it over to the Dark Room and develop it) is "Film D." Which is... a photoshop of Rebecca in a basketball outfit.


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                Zakon tema, obožavam iznenađenja


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                  Infamous Second Son - ovo i nije toliki easter egg ali opet

                  Batman Arkham Knight - malo DC referenci


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                    [QUOTE=Link;n8026]Infamous Second Son - ovo i nije toliki easter egg ali opet


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                      btw. Nasao vecu, searcho sliku.


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                        Dead Rising

                        Final Fantasy Tactics

                        Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

                        Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

                        The Unfinished Swan

                        Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception


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                          Iako nije Easter Egg evo jednog od najdražeg glitcha u video igrama.

                          In the olden days, there were only 151 Pokémon to encounter, and that was good enough. Because of programming limitations, the original Game Boy games left spots for 256 different encounters; 151 were filled with Pokémon, others with trainers, and 39 spots were left empty. By following a specific sequence of events, you’ll encounter the mess of code called “Missingno” and be able to capture it. But doing so can cause errors in other parts of your game. Better not catch ‘em all.


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                            Ovo sam znao, samo nisam znao da ga se može uhvatiti i da izaziva errore za vrijeme questa.


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                              To nisu erori već ti pokvari igru u potpunosti Ja sam samo taj glitch koristio za dupliciranje itema, čini mi se da si imao beskonačno itema na 6. Ili 7. mjestu u inventory.